This time, Jokerit is leading

Tällä kertaa Jokereiden johto kesti

On Sunday, Jokerit lost the lead in the final moments. On Tuesday, they were once again in a tight spot in front of the Admiral Vladivostok.  The hosts dominated the game. However, in Helsinki, they were able to maintain their lead and snatch the full points.

The match between Jokerit and Admiral remained at all times unpredictable. The hosts dominated the start of the game particularly clearly, but the scoreboard did not show it. However, the team from Helsinki was strong enough to force the victory throughout the period.

For many, doubts crept into the mind of Jokerit at the end of the previous game, when the team lost its leading position in the end. This time, too, Admiral sprinted and had a few good opportunities.

Jokerit is leading

Jokerit dominated the start of the game. However, during the second half they slowed down the pace and offered Admiral’s coordinator, Aleksandr Andrijevskathe, the opportunity to attack.

The struggle was similar to that in the Sunday’s match. Jokers took the lead clearly, but the Admiral was able to hang in there and attack when the hosts were unable to capitalize on their lead.

There was the same kind of opponent as the Amur on Sunday, but better. A more adaptable team, which tried to respond more rapidly. Jokerit’s game was good. However, the attack is decidedly the part of the team where improvement is necessary, coach Erkka Westerlund said.

The beginning of the match was even. The game bounced from one side to the other and both teams had a couple of shots. Jokerit’s mid compartment reached predominance, and Juha Matti Aaltonen start hitting hard.

After this, the game got stuck almost entirely in the Admiral’s half. The hosts tried long and hard, but the result did not change, despite everything.

Eventually the net was swinging when Tomi Mäki struck on the counterattack. At this stage of the game, the guests had no attacks or even shots. Atte Ohtamaan careless attempt towards the end resulted, however, in a 2-1 for the visitors.

Soon after the away goal, after a good match, Aaltonen went by two opponents and put Jere Sallinen in the great shooting position in the middle. An opportunity Sallinen did not miss, so Admiral spurt came to a halt in the bud.

In the third period Admiral clearly picked up and got a grip on themselves. Mamin hit back on the counterattack. He was in a great place to level the score, but the front control of the ball did not go right. Thus, the score remained 3-2.

The game was watched in a number of public places and the guests were not excused. The fan’s outbursts were caused by David Booth hit on Philip Larsen. The Danish limped to get help. However, he returned for the game. At the end of the game, the guests gave Jokerit a couple of other little questionable blows, but injuries or more serious accidents were avoided.

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