Jarstein is on the mend – Langkamp hopefully ready

Jarstein fast fit - Hoffnung bei Langkamp

The chances that Hertha BSC can have its goalkeeper, Rune Jarsteinto, back in the round opener against FC Augsburg on Saturday have significantly increased. Also, after several investigations on Tuesday night, there are renewed hopes that the central defender, Sebastian Langkamp, will be ready for the match.

The Norwegian Jarstein trained on Tuesday for the first time after his feverish infection. Prior to team training, Jarstein practiced individually with goalkeeping coach Zsolt Petry – admittedly he dosed the intensity of his training. “I believe that Rune can play on Wednesday” said coach Pal Dardai.

“We will have a talk with the goalkeeper on Wednesday and deal honestly and reasonably with the matter.” The trainer is clear: if Jarstein is fit on Wednesday, as planned, he will play on Saturday. On Tuesday, Dardai and Petry had two young goalkeepers training with the team besides Thomas Kraft and Nils Körber: Leon Schaffran (17) and Dennis Smarsch (17). Soon Dardai wants to train “with six goalkeepers,” “I have already ordered two additional goalkeepers”. Dardai’s forecast on Tuesday: “I think Rune is ready – if nothing happens – and Thomas is willing to try in case of emergency. He had a good performance against Vaduz but first we need to sit down and have a good conversation…”

Not quite as positive as in the Jarstein case, but by no means hopeless is Sebastian Langkamp’s situation. The central defender, who was present at the friendly game against FC Vaduz (1: 0) had to be replaced on Saturday in Belek following a thigh injury. He underwent several tests on Tuesday evening, which finally provided a certain result: Langkamp does not suffer from a muscle injury, but a thigh hardening that comes from the spinal nerve. At the beginning of the training camp in Belek the defender had complained of back pain and paused one day. Langkamp said on Tuesday night: “There is a chance for Saturday.” Langkamp is targeting an attempt to return to team training for Thursday.

Meanwhile, Jens Hegeler, who had missed the training camp in Belek because of a torn muscle in the buttocks, trained on Tuesday apart from his colleagues with the fitness and rehabilitation trainer Hendrik Vieth. “We wanted him to fully train today, but I do not know if he would have done well,” said Dardai on Tuesday. “Wednesday we have an intense day.”

Ronny was not fit in Berlin at Hertha U23. Starting from Tuesday, he is back again with the professionals on the pitch. As to the unchanging lack of perspective: they are looking for a buyer for the Brazilian midfielder – even more than in the summer, as the club’s attempt was unsuccessful.

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