Fitness will be first in the wearable technology group

Fitness wearables vil være den største wearable-gruppen

According to recent research, exercise technology will continue to be the largest group of so-called “wearable” technology for the next three years. Smartwatches will see changes in their sales in the next three years and around 110 million people will use a fitness wearable at the end of 2019 against 130 with smartwatches.

The research also shows that the boundaries between the different categories are about to blur. Fitness wearables are also beginning to come by with calling functions and notifications such as we usually find on smartwatches.

The survey also found that training units are the most popular wearables because they are cheaper and have more obvious applications than smart-bells.

The survey also pointed out toward digital clothes with useful tools for professional sports. They are now used more and more in professional sports, which is also the biggest market share of clothing.

Over time we will see an increase in the use of wearables to measure physical properties when hiring athletes and potentially also in the athlete’s contract.

Although they have a huge potential, their use is so far limited. The future electronic health care approach will drive the use of dedicated wearables. The price of units and dependence on smartphones is holding them back from full adoption in health systems.

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