Inspiring exercises through lectures and interviews

Inspirerende foredrag og intervju for mosjonsløpere 21. januar (Oppdatert)

On Thursday 21 January, the focus in Oslo is cinematic lectures.

Learn about smart winter running and injury prevention into the spring season. One of the best ultra runners, Sondre Amdahl will come to tell you everything you need to know about it.

Goodie bags will be handed to the first 100 people to put out 100 chairs in Storgata – and on all the chairs will be a goodie bag with content from partners. If there will be more than one hundred, someone must stand – without a goodie bag.

PS! You need not enroll anywhere, just show up, but it’s fine to let us know – so as to get a rough idea of ​​how many people are coming.

Inspiring lectures and interview for exercise runners


Find out especially on running on longer distances. The nutrient intake can be a challenge – some exaggerate it, others minimize it, while advanced features make it easier to find a balance. Sondra AMDAHL has found his balance. He has strong international performances in some of the world’s most renowned and demanding races including Ultra-Trail to Mount Blanc (UTMB), CCC, Western States, Transgrancanaria and Trans… Vulcania.

Thursday January 21, you can hear Sondre being interviewed about his diet, which he changed two years ago, and what were the results of his new diet.

Sondre will also talk about training and equipment, so anyone who wants can get the runner as a personal coach for this year’s edition of Ecotrail Oslo, hurry up.


If there is anything runners talk a lot about when they meet, it’s injuries. Running in the winter is important to lay the foundation for the spring, but there are some considerations you should take. And the transition from winter to spring, often brings about big changes in the race, temperature and substrate. With the changes there is also an increased risk of incurring running related injuries. Find out some good tips in planning the Ecotrail May 21. They are going to tell you about how you can use smartest to avoid injuries, to get in the best possible running form.

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