Copa Mexico: these things are not right

Cinco Contras

The 48th edition of the MX Cup begins and, with it, a new story to tell that will culminate with a new champion on 12, 13 or 14 April. In this year’s version, the Clausura 2016, the 28 participants were reduced to 24.

Although more and more fans and clubs are tuning in, there are still some aspects to improve.

Here is a list of five topics to think about:

1. If clubs are going to line up mostly homegrown players, then they should only use national players. If only the U17 or 20 teams have enough Mexican players, then the event should be organized at this level.

2. We know that money talks and even more so in the Mexican football. However, more lower league teams should be promoted in order to attract more talents.

3. The evening hours. Of course the schedule is essential, and this one hurts the visitor teams, all of whom play in the championship and need to travel. They play and then practically without bathing return to their city of origin, in the early hours of the following day. There is no time to rest.

4. The gap between the winner of the Super MX (July) and the Copa Libertadores (February) the following year. In a world as volatile as the Mexican football 6 months is just not enough.

5. Additional key points earned. These extra points should be guided by a more uniform criterion, like the goal difference criterion, for example.

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