Porto’s new Héctor Herrera

El Dragón, ¿Y Futuro HH?

The 2o years old Midfielder is shining at Porto-B and earned his first selection to FC Porto.

Omar Govea is the great promise of Mexican soccer for the not too distant future. This 20 years old young midfielder is the pearl of the Portuguese club Porto-B. Coach Rui Barros called him to join the first team for the Cup match against the Femalicao next January 22.

In the case Hector Herrera confirms his departure from FC Porto to Naples, the Portuguese club would guarantee a replacement, but he still has much to ‘do’. Unlike HH, Govea plays more in the middle. If Hector Herrera’s transfer to the Serie A is confirmed, Govea will take his place in the medium and long term. Thus, Porto effectively becomes an option right now.

Govea is part of the Great ‘Golden’ Generation

The Mexican is part of the ‘Golden’ American Generation: Diego Reyes, Raul Jimenez, etc. He emerged in Ciudad de México, and he went through all the ranks up to U20, where he played for Mineros de Zacatecas during one season. He chose to transfer to Europe to the second team of FC Porto. The dream of playing on the Old Continent began very young for him and he does not regret his decision.

His style is perfectly adapted to the intense and dynamic football in Europe. He gained in physical strength and improved his technique. He also optimized his shots, genuine ‘howitzers’ for goalkeepers. He has a very light game, uncomplicated and always chooses the best option pass. No doubt his strong is the ball recovery, a real ‘attack dog’.

The future belongs to Govea, who has all the ingredients to become a major player for his team and the national team. He seems ready to become Porto’s next HH.

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